For Those Who Value Purity In Every Drop
Introducing The Revolutionary Advanced Water Purifier
A 'Best Design' Award Winner 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012

What is ION Water Purifier? The ION Water Purifier Series is the culmination of years of research by water purifier experts in order to achieve the safest and purest water available for your daily drinking water. It is the next generation of advanced water purification equipment that naturally produces ALKALINE WATER, REMOVES TOXINS AND IMPURITIES, ELIMINATES GERMS, and the most important, it SLOWS DOWN AGING AND REJUVENATE CELLS with its antioxidant effects from sporopollenin and lexirin.

The ION Water Purifier protects your families health WITHOUT THE NEED FOR CONSTANT FILTER CHANGES and protected by LIFETIME WARRANTY.

The amazing ION Water Purifier Series is crafted using stainless SUS304 technology and is covered by a lifetime guarantee, giving you peace of mind for your investment. It provides the purest and the freshest drinking water possible.

The ION Water Purifier Series is 100% made in Japan. See our manufacturing license and manufacturing patents for our proven quality.

1. Elegance & Highly Effective

2. Japan Technology
There are 8 unique filtration process, making the ION Water Purifier THE MOST ADVANCED water purification system ever made. The ION water purifier comes with advanced micro-active ceramic which is made from 100% naturally occurring minerals in Fuji mountain, Japan and patented sporopollenin and lexirin manufactured in Shimada, Japan. Water purifiers currently available are not only prone to rust, hard water build-up and damage, but constant filter changes. The ION Water Purifier is different; it is 100% rust and hard water damage resistant and eliminates the need for constant filter changes.


3. Proven Results
Test results confirm that the Kenrico ION Water Purifier does remove up to 50 dangerous chemicals - including heavy metals that can be found in our drinking water. Kenrico ION Water Purifier also achieved NSF (JIS S 3201:2004) certification.

Removal Performance Test
NSF & JIS S 3201:2004 Testing Methods
RESULT: WORLD'S MOST EFFECTIVE PURIFIER (99% - 100% Filtration Efficiency)

4. What Our Customers Say
"I am very pleased with our new Kenrico Ion Water Purifier.
We have a large family and have had an undersink filter for several years, but it was starting to leak and I was getting tired of having to change the filters every six months. Then I learned about the Kenrico Ion filters that never need replacement, so I wrote to the company to ask them if this technology could be used for drinking water."

John R Shearouse with his family.
"To my great delight, Kenrico sent my filter with a custom design, using the crest of the church in which I am a minister. The filter is so unique and attractive that instead of installing it under the sink as we had planned, we have put it on the countertop. We have a lot of friends over and have enjoyed showing it to them. They have all been quite impressed.

The quality of this filter is obvious as soon as you see it. When you pick it up and touch the finish, you can tell that it is built to last a lifetime. And best of all, you never have to replace the filter. All you have to do is run the water through in reverse to flush out the impurities. This is done by turning a dial switch to "maintenance mode" for about ten minutes once per year. No more hassles finding and changing filters!

We are finding the water to be of superior quality. Several members of my family have noticed a difference in the smoothness of the ionised water and in its ability to more effectively quench our thirst. From the test results I saw from NSF (Japan) on the filter that is used in this system, it did an excellent job in both aesthetic effects and health effects. Thank you, Kenrico, for another excellent product."

John R. Shearouse (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)

Compact size of 25 cm (height) x 10 cm (diameter). Silver with nanotechnology. Sold over 300,000 units.
With automatic back flushing (from February 2013).
Made in Japan.
Compact size of 30 cm (height) x 10 cm (diameter). Gold with nanotechnology. NEW UPGRADE.
With automatic back flushing (from February 2013).
Made in Japan.

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