Made in Japan
Sporolife Mask

Virus is transmitted from person-to-person in close promixity and via respiratory droplets such as when the person coughs or sneezes. Virus can also be transmitted with infected surfaces or objects. Touching a surface or objects contaminated with virus and then subsequently touching their own mouth, nose or eyes can lead to infection. Sporolife mask eliminates the spread of the virus (person-to-person or infected surface) by eliminating the virus itself upon contact. Your breathing air and your mask itself will be instantly disinfected every seconds from the threat of any type of viruses including the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Made in Japan, sporolife antigerm unit, stick on any mask surface, porous white PE packet, 60 x 80 mm, indicator (blue color: proactively kills viruses, red color: time to replace), 100% bacteria and viruses kill rate.

Laboratory test
Confirmed effective by FDA laboratory. Superior than N95 mask. View the test result.

Minimum order
50000 units / order, deliverable in April 2020.