AGi and FX-2 Foot Pads For Allergy Relief

AGi and FX-2 pads to combat allergies.

Why does our immune system (which is supposed to protect us) allow us to experience so much discomfort? Many of us continue to have runny noses, red eyes, sore throats and asthma attacks despite the use of anti-allergy drugs, because they seldom work and the allergies keep coming back.

According to research, the culprit that causes most of this discomfort is IgE (which means immunoglobulin E.) It's an antibody that's supposed to protect us.

Only a very small amount of IgE is required in normal human body. Too much of IgE in our system is responsible for most allergic reactions.

Japanese scientist, Dr. Kimishige Ishizaka, first discovered IgE in 1966. In the year 2000, he was awarded the Japan prize and the Gairdner Foundation International Award. He was also elected to membership in the US National Academy of Science for his work in immunology. What causes too much lgE in the body? - Environmental exposure to ticks and insects, and there's increasing evidence that this type of exposure determines a child's likelihood of developing an illness early in life.

It was initially discovered that lgE protects us against parasites, mites, ticks and bed bugs. When a person is bitten by a tick, his or her body releases the IgE antibody, which in turn, kills the tick. Researchers have found that the key to preventing allergies is to reduce the amount of IgE in the body's system. The most effective way to do that is to minimize a person's exposure to ticks at a very early age. Less exposure to ticks means less IgE produced in the body. The amount of IgE in children will vary and will not stabilize until they become an adult. Therefore, the key is to reduce the amount of IgE produced at an early age.

Kenrico's Sap Sheets (the blue edition - FX-2) contains triple-distilled, the highest quality wood and bamboo vinegars. These vinegars neutralize insect bites, infected wounds and infections. For many years, even raw vinegars (not distilled) were used in organic farming to reduce insect infestation. If used during an early age, the FX-2 sap sheet can fully reduce the number of insect or tick bites, and thereby lower the amount of IgE produced in the body.

The silver edition (AGi) is the only sap sheet that contains the highest grade Agaricus Blazei Murrill (ABM). ABM is widely used in Japan, known as Hime-matsutake, as a remedy to combat allergies. When used in children, AGi sap sheet increases the strength and the presence of "the other" natural antibody, IgG, which exist to protect us against microbial threats such as bacteria and germs.

Correlation between IgE and IgG

Research conducted at the University of Berlin, indicates that IgE and IgG exist disproportionally, which means that when the amount of IgG increases, the amount of IgE decreases in the immune system. What should we do to eliminate allergies? Find methods to both decrease IgE and increase IgG.

Kenrico's Sap sheets (blue edition FX-2 and silver edition AGi) have been reported extremely useful in preventing insect bites and thus eliminating allergies when used at an early age.

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