Does Far Infrared Really Work?

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Recently, there has been a sharp rise in news reports, both on TV and in the press, concerning toxic toothpaste, contaminated toys, herbal toxins, toxic gas from furniture originating from certain areas of the Far East, despite manufacturer claims that the goods they make meet ISO and GMP standards. There is no doubt that cheap counterfeit goods are flooding the market, but it is as simple as looking at the tight government control over the manufacturing process of the originating country as to whether a product is 'safe'. Japan is one of the strictest countries in the world when it comes to medical and manufacturing regulations, and it is probably why products made in Japan are highly regarded globally for both their quality and value for money. It is the tight controls over quality and manufacture of goods that may well explain why the Japanese have the longest lifespan of humans on earth to date.

When it comes to the quality of sap sheets manufactured in Japan, Kenrico can back claims that their pads work with proven, scientific evidence and research. True quality can be measured by success, research and most importantly, customer feedback.

Let's look at the facts:

What do sap sheets contain?
Each sap sheet made by Kenrico contains a specific blend of ingredients, all of the highest possible grades available. Each ingredient is then turned into a special capsule form that can generate slight far infrared rays when used. When the plastic seal of the sap sheet is broken, the capsule form will deteriorate releasing far infared rays.

How do sap sheets work?
Sap sheets work on the same level and arguably better than saunas, whereas the body temperature rises, sweating takes place and toxins are released via the pores of the skin. However, with sap sheets the process varies slightly in as much as the pad heats up the sole of the foot, causing sweating and ultimately the elimination of the toxins.

The method of removing the toxins through sweating is known as vasodilatation. As the body heats up, the more blood flows into that specific area allowing the vinegar to obtain heat conductivity from the blood and in turn, jump starts the piezoelectric process. Vasodilatation also enables waste absorption because of the relaxed wall of the blood vessels throughout the process.

Research has shown that the far infrared rays can increase the heart rate, raise the metabolic rate and increase cardiac output, thus giving your body a work-out without having to do any work. The process works by the body temperature rising causing sweating in order for the system to cool down by diverting the blood flow from the main organs to the skin to allow it to be cooled by passing air. During this process the sap sheets can draw the toxins out of the body using the far infrared technology.

Far infrared is a harmless process that we all come into contact with on a daily basis via the sun. As the sun heats up our body, our heart rate increases and we sweat. Sap sheets merely allow the heating process to take place in a controlled manor via sleep, rest or even during exercise.

Research on Far infrared effects.
There has been extensive research into the effects of far infrared effects on the body and it has been noted that people have shown significant improvement after treatment. For instance the American Journal of Cardiology published research carried out on patients suffering from congestive heart failure showing that the use of far infrared improved the patients' condition significantly. The results also showed improvement in the blood pressure of the patients along with a rise in body temperature. None of the patients had any adverse reactions to the treatment and none of their conditions deteriorated during the research.

Dr. Masao Nakamura of the O and P Medical Clinic in Japan reports success with the use of far infrared heat treatment of many illnesses ranging from mild to severe.

In further studies carried out by Hideyoshi Toyokaw in Japan using rats showed that the Far Infrared can improve wound healing significantly. The results were published in the Experimental Biology and Medicine.

In 1944 Otto Warburg was nominated for the Nobel Prize. He was nominated for his work concerning photosynthesis in connection with the chemotherapeutics of cancer and the use of x-rays. He later went on to prove that far infrared impacts significantly on cancer.

In 2002, a study done by Dr. Gordon Ko and Dr. David Berbrayer at Sunnybrook and the Women's College Health Sciences Centre, based at the University of Toronto, proved that there are significant improvements in both pain and discomfort associated with Reynaud's Syndrome using far infrared therapy.

Who to trust:
Kenrico, a Japanese based company manufacture a range of sap sheets all made to treat a specific illness or health type. Each sap sheet undergoes rigorous testing to ensure they meet the high standards required by law. Each sap sheet is also backed by the results of independent testing, thus proving that their ranges of sap sheets are effective in the battle against certain illness, fatigue and stress.

Tests have been carried out on the sap sheets manufactured by Kenrico both before and after use and the results speak volumes:

No traces of heavy metals were detected in the NEW SAP SHEET.
However, traces of Lead, Cobalt and Chromium were found in the USED SAP SHEET in the following quantities:

  • Lead content of 0.55 ppm
  • Cobalt content of 0.09 ppm
  • Chromium content of 1.7 ppm

The ppm (parts per million) indicated a presence of heavy metals. There is a high probability that if the SAP SHEETS are used every day, more heavy metals may be removed from the body over a period of time.

When it comes to the testing for far infrared the results were equally as impressive:

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