The Quick Edition (QU-1) with Milk Thistle

    We all live in a world where we eat too much; we drink too much, and rely heavily on prescription medication - which is made up of chemicals that can cause serious damage to our bodies. Eventually, the liver cannot cope with this overload and it begins to suffer, leaving us feeling lethargic and unwell; often suffering from many other liver related conditions, too. It is, therefore, essential that we undertake a regular effective detoxification programme in order to regularly rid our bodies of this toxic build-up, and prevent damage occurring.

Kenrico Sap Sheet Quick Edition QU-1

    Milk thistle, or as it was previously known, Marian thistle, has been recognised for generations as an herbal remedy that is effective in its removal of toxins and effective cleansing of the liver. The first documented cases of its use date back as far as AD23, proving that this attractive herb is not only effective, but recognised as far back as Early Christianity for it's antioxidant powers. It is now widely accepted that Milk thistle is, in fact, more potent than vitamins C & E when it comes to its overall detoxification powers. Furthermore, preliminary scientific studies suggest that the active substances in milk thistle may also have anti-cancer effects.

    The plant itself is a tall thistle, with a single main stem which grows straight-up before branching off at the top and can easily reach heights of between four to ten feet. The leaves of the thistle are wide with white spots and veins on them, and the lovely flower is deep reddish purple in colour. It bears small fruit that are shiny, hard skinned, and brown in colour containing the plants seeds.

As Milk thistle matures quickly, often in under a year, it is easy to see why it is favoured by specialist herbal plant growers. However, distilling the Silymarin, the active ingredients (also known as flavonoids), is a more difficult and time consuming process and is often reflected in the price.

Milk thistle works by nutritionally supporting the bodies own natural liver function, thus combating the effects of everyday stresses. It has also been reported that is has had positive results in treating almost every known form of liver disease, even those caused by drugs and alcohol. It does this by promoting the growth of new, undamaged liver cells, and replacing the old, damaged and diseased ones, thus leaving the liver healthy and free of harmful free radicals and other hazardous toxins.

Milk thistle makes an ideal natural treatment for anyone suffering from liver disease and its related illnesses because there are no documented side effects. Several scientific studies, carried out in the United States, suggest that active substances in milk thistle (particularly silymarin) protect the liver from damage if used regularly. However, we do advise that if you are on any prescription medication, that you consult your doctor before undergoing any detoxification process.

As we said before, regular detoxification is essential in order to maintain a healthy body and there are many products available that can help you to do this, but they can be expensive. The good news is Kenrico have now devised a new sap sheet harnessing the natural power of the Milk thistle. They took the active parts of the herb, blended it with their own unique, high quality vinegars and added it to their affordable, yet 100% effective, sap sheet range. Sap sheets work by utilising the power of reflexology, drawing the toxins out through the bottom of the feet, therefore removing the need to take anything into the body orally.

Users of their sap sheet have reported feeling less tired, more energetic and have awakened feeling totally refreshed, proving that Milk thistle really does work to reduce the amount of toxins accumulating in the liver.

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