Sap sheets, the hidden secret from Japan

Have you heard of Sap Sheets? Neither had I before I found the Kenrico web site. I was sceptical at first, how could such a simple product promise such impressive health benefits? The more I read about this product the more curios I became. I did some research into Kenrico and discovered that many people were very impressed, not only with their friendly and efficient service, but the excellent quality of the products.

One of active ingredients from Kenrico

Ubamegashi (Japanese Oak Tree)

    After much thought, I contacted the company president, Mr Nurman Salim, and asked him about his company and their product. He informed me that they primarily manufactured the Sap Sheets. All of which were made in their own factory, which was GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified. Mr Salim talked me through each of the ingredients that went into the Sap Sheets, and I was impressed at the quality of them all.

    The principle of Sap Sheets is based on the ancient art of reflexology therefore they recommend that the product is placed on the base of the foot overnight to maximise its toxin removing effect. The base of the foot is the most effective place to put a Sap Sheet, due to it being the place all the nerve endings of the body are, but you can place them anywhere you have pain. Many people using Sap Sheets report that they awake feeling revived and less tired.

Mr Salim then told me about the testing of the used products, and I was amazed at the results. They took a used Sap Sheet, which had turned black and filled with waste material, and tested it in a laboratory. They were proven to have efficiently drawn out toxins and heavy metal waste from the body via the base of the foot.

Still a little sceptical, I asked if it were possible to try out the Sap Sheets myself. Mr Salim agreed, and the samples were promptly mailed to me to try. As a sufferer of Rheumatoid Arthritis for many years I knew what it was like to have broken, pain filled restless sleep.

Within a few days of trying the Sap Sheets I felt wonderful. I was sleeping better and my pain was a lot less than it had been previously. It felt a little weird at first sleeping with a large patch on the base of my foot, but I soon became accustomed to the nightly ritual of applying them. I am now ready to order my own supply of Sap Sheets. I have been converted and discovered a healthier way to live, and so can you.

I would recommend Sap Sheets to everyone, even if you just want to wake feeling refreshed and more energetic. But for those who do have joint pains or other ailments, try them. What do you have to lose?

Kenrico Sap Sheet

What if you could relieve fatigue, joint pain, headaches or stress by applying a pad to the bottom of your foot? It might sound futuristic but the Japanese have been doing so for years by using the Kenrico Sap Sheet.

Also known as a foot or detox pad, the Kenrico Sap Sheet is made from tree and bamboo extracts. Like osmosis pressure in a plant, a Sap Sheet applied to the bottom of the foot carries away waste and toxic materials by absorbing perspiration into the pad.

The Kenrico Sap Sheet is based on reflexology, an ancient healing art that focuses on the feet. Most nerves in the body end in the feet, thus by placing the Kenrico Sap Sheet on the reflex points, one can achieve greater equilibrium and healing throughout the body.

Kenrico offers 11 varieties of Sap Sheets each made with different concentrations of ingredients. This allows specialists to select the Sap Sheet that will work best for each patient or for individuals to experiment with different Sap Sheets to determine which works bests for them.

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