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     Kenrico showcases its products at International Medical Care & Diagnostic Conference (IMD) 2005 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Dr. Zalam & associates

The world is finally waking up to the possibility that the key to optimum health truly does lie in alternative therapies. This is largely thanks to the growth of the internet as a source of information to people on a large scale, and the constant removal of prescription drugs from doctor's lists due to their dire side effects. At the forefront of this 'alternative' surge is international best-selling company, Kenrico. They not only supply foot detox patches, or sap sheets; they research and develop all their own product range.

The quality of Kenrico's products, and the popularity of Kenrico detox patches, have recently attracted a number of pharmaceutical companies in the Far East. To respond to their growing demands, Kenrico decided to highlight its products at the International Medical Care & Diagnostic Conference 2005, held in Dubai, where they were awarded a certificate of appreciation for their work and products.

This year's exhibition took place from the 10th - 12th September and was hosted at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre. Dubai is growing in popularity and is attracting more businesses globally than ever before, attracted by the blue skies and sunshine and the fact that it is the second largest of the emirates. In addition, the common use of the English language, attracts businesspersons and their clients, making it ideal for conferences of multinational attendance.

IMD was originally designed to meet the requirements of medical professionals, and manufacturers, in the Middle East and Asia regions with the support of the International Hospital Federation. IMD is supported by the Government of Dubai, and is held under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, Minister of Finance & Industry and President of the Department of Health and Medical Services.

One man to see the potential in Kenrico products was Dr Zalam, who is based Dubai. He is a traditional medical doctor but now also supplies Kenrico's products to his patients. In a recent interview, when asked his opinion on alternative therapies, Dr Zalam stated: 'As medical doctors, we have our own treatment centres and beliefs, however, eastern remedies from countries such as Japan, and in particular detox patches from Kenrico, are becoming more widely accepted for their effectiveness. We are then able to help people that are sick, and having a reliable manufacturer like Kenrico as our supplier enables us to do this more effectively. When asked why he chose Kenrico, he replied; 'Quality and results. Kenrico is a GMP certified and the quality is what makes the difference and the results is what convinced us to choose their products.

Sap sheets are particularly becoming increasingly popular as they offer many potential health benefits. Kenrico are paving the way forward by harbouring the power of nature and the natural solutions it offers, combined with generations of knowledge. The sap sheets, along with many other health-promoting products manufactured by Kenrico, are available worldwide from many suppliers who have also seen the same potential in them as Dr Zalam.

Nurman Salim, President of Kenrico, is pleased at the response to his products at the exhibition and plans to help their distributors to exhibit their products again. Kenrico is still growing and by utilising the possibilities that attending these exhibitions offer they can continue to grow well into the future, offering more health solutions not only to a few communities but also to a global marketplace. You can find more information about Kenrico products at

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