Reflexology, a giant step forward from the past...

Kenrico in Time Magazine

Kenrico in Time Magazine. Edition February 11, 2008.

Kenrico Sap Sheet increases alpha brainwaves

Clinical study shows evidence of large increase in alpha brain wave when using Kenrico gold edition pads.

Kenrico Sap Sheet reduces high cholesterol and triglycerides

Clinical trial shows significant improvement in patients suffering from high cholesterol and excess triglycerides.

The brain and heart are not the only important parts of the body - although you might find it impossible to function without them - but it is in fact the feet that reign supreme. Despite being aware of this many people pay little or no attention to their feet. Sure, they wash them and clip toe nails when requires, but there is so much more to the humble foot that we should all be educated at a young age as to the benefits of good foot health.

There is a saying that you should always buy a good bed and comfortable shoes because if you are not in one you are in the other. There is more truth in that one saying than any other as it is based on truth; if you are not in bed you are up and wearing footwear. Why then, do we buy ill-fitting shoes only to complain when our feet ache and have blisters on them? It is no coincidence that when our feet hurt we feel low and irritable. Think about it, if the eyes are the window to the soul then surely sole of the foot is the gateway to good health and should be treated with respect.

The sole of the foot contains more nerve endings than any other part of the body and each nerve is connected to a part of the body and mind. By manipulating certain points on the foot corresponding parts of the body can feel rejuvenated and/or the mind refreshed. For instance, if you press on a certain point just under the big toe you can improve the health of patients suffering from illnesses involving the thyroid and parathyroid glands. Trained practitioners can also relieve energy blockages, help to remove acids and toxins in the body and help with sleep problems, to mention but a few. By glancing at a reflexology chart you can begin to appreciate how the sole of the foot can literally help you to get back on your feet following illness or accident. The art of reflexology goes back many centuries and has been noted to have origins in ancient Egypt as wall paintings in a physician's tomb at Saqqara, which dates back to 2330 B.C., show his patients receiving reflexology treatments on their feet. There is also evidence to show that reflexology was known to the Japanese as early as 690 A.D as the upturned foot of Buddha in the Physicians Temple in Nara, Japan, shows markings on the sole of his foot. However, reflexology as we recognise it today only dates back around 125 years to Germany and Russia, following the findings of Nobel Prize winner Ivan Pavlov.

Since those early days reflexology has made huge advances and has not only become widely accepted by traditional medical practitioners as beneficial, but is more accessible meaning patients can experience the health benefits without having to visit clinics or suffer the embarrassment of showing their feet to strangers. One such advance is that of the creation of sap sheets, or detox pads. They work on the theory and same research as traditional reflexology, but the patient does not need medical training or prior knowledge.

The detox pad works by heating the sole of the foot during sleep and thus promoting a natural reaction; that of sweating or perspiring. This in turn expels the heavy metal sand toxins that build up in the body and in turn can cause severe distress and discomfort to people suffering from medical conditions or fatigue. Research has shown that the pads are as effective as direct treatment by a reflexologist but without the need for costly clinic visits. The pads can also be used long term to maintain optimum health whereas clinical visits are normally not ongoing. There are a side range of pads to choose from and by utilising the combination of high quality ingredients that best suit your needs the results can be amazing.

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