TRMX-2 Foot Pads - A Product Review

Gold Edition TRMX-2

TRMX-2 pad made with first grade ingredients

When I read that Kenrico Corporation's researchers had used an EEG machine to measure an increase in alpha brainwave activity (in a person wearing the tourmaline pads), I was impressed. Alpha brain waves are known to enhance problem solving, accelerate learning, elevate mood and reduce stress. They are also known for developing intuitive insight and getting those creative juices flowing.

I wanted to wear these pads during the day (while I worked) to see if they would reduce my own stress, enhance my creativity and increase my focus.

With great anticipation, I ordered a package of ten for myself. Then, after reading about research that showed how the pads had helped autistic children, I ordered another package for Brad, my friend's 11-year-old, autistic child.

Brad is highly functional, but has a working memory that measures 68% (according to the WISC-IV IQ test). His processing speed is calculated at 7%. Recently, he's been "stuck" regarding his schoolwork and has not been able to focus. He shows a high level of anxiety, just thinking about the tasks at hand. When I suggested these pads to Brad's mother, she said that he would be willing to try them, to see if they would help.

My experience
I placed a tourmaline pad on the bottom of each foot at 10:30 in the morning and sat down at my desk to face a mound of paperwork. It was Sunday and I didn't want to work - but work, I did. I was up and down a lot on my feet, but the pads stayed firmly in place.

At 1pm, I took a break from work for my daily meditation. After a few moments of silence, I easily floated in and out of consciousness (but at a much deeper level than I was accustomed to). It was profound. So much so, that I set my alarm for another glorious fifteen minutes of silent bliss.

Later, back at my desk, I noticed an intense sense of focus and determination to get my "to do list" - done.

After a late dinner out with friends, I was back at my computer again and did not wind down until at 11:00 pm that evening. A huge amount of work had been accomplished that day, and I can honestly attribute my increased focus and productivity to my use of these tourmaline pads.

Brad's experience
Brad used the pads over a 5-day period (at bedtime) but did now wear them on consecutive evenings. When he did wear them, his mother noticed a change in his behavior the following day: he was more calm, focused, and on task.

One particularly challenging morning, he picked up a virus that was spreading quickly at his school. Many of his classmates were experiencing the same symptoms: headaches, stomachaches and fever. Even though Brad was sick, his special services assistant and his math teacher both reported that he did very well that day and completed his work. This was the morning following his overnight use of the tourmaline pads. Overall, Brad's mother was pleased with the results.

Would I recommend Kenrico's pads to others? Absolutely. It helped me accomplish exactly what I wanted - to relax about my work and be more creative. Does it help autistic children - in Brad's experience, YES.

Are they safe?
Kenrico Corporation (the manufacturer) is known for reliability as a Japanese pharmaceutical company (with GMP certification) and is a member of the Japanese Society of Preventive and Alternative Medicines.

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