Supreme Gold Edition TRMX-3 - The Review

TRMX-3 with sporopollenin

TRMX-3 with 8.5 grams of organic ingredients and Sporopollenin.

Manufacturing patent

TRMX-3 with Sporopollenin (US Patent 7,182,965 and Japanese Patent 4485940).

Clinical Study

Analysis on 61 years old female. All heavy metal elements dropped significantly after continuous 3 months of detoxification using Kenrico Sap Sheet.

Clinical study

Analysis on 21 years old male. Mercury element dropped significantly after continuous 3 months of detoxification using Kenrico Sap Sheet.

It may not be a common household name like echinacea or acetaminophen, but the discovery of sporopollenin is no less significant given the positive long-term impact it appears to have on those who use it.

A major component of the tough outer walls of spores and pollen grains, sporopollenin is very stable chemically and is typically well preserved in sediments and soils. This outer wall, also known as the exine layer, has been shown to have several positive health benefits associated with it.

Recent studies have shown that the right application of sporopollenin products can represent a highly effective and safe method of treating heavy metals poisoning. These detoxification effects are just one of the benefits that sporopollenin presents.

As a fully natural ingredient, sporopollenin is also very suitable for patients who require immediate treatment of heavy metals poisoning. This is because sporopollenin has the ability to bind various substances, like toxins and pesticides, like a sponge.

Further still, studies have demonstrated sporopollenin's ability to work as a suitable anti-aging agent insofar that it can treat age-related and sunlight-induced wrinkle formation. The application is painless and with few if any negative side effects. As a result, use of sporopollenin for the treatment of wrinkles is very safe.

The natural ingredient is also reputed to have analgesic and antidepressant properties, relieving patients of pain and negative mood. As a result, sporopollenin can also have a positive effect on reducing stress in the patient.

Kenrico is a global research-driven pharmaceutical company dedicated to putting patients first. Established in 1985, Kenrico currently discovers, develops, manufactures and markets prescription and alternative medicines to address unmet medical needs.

As such, one of the most effective applications of sporopollenin is the recently produced Supreme Gold Edition (TRMX-3) with Sporopollenin, which has been patented in the United States. This is the latest development in a line of sap sheets from Kenrico.

More commonly known as detox pads, sap sheets are typically placed on the soles of the feet where the positive properties can be absorbed through the process of osmosis. The absorption process through the foot expands on the traditional practice of reflexology. Patients may alternatively place the sap sheet on other areas of the body for secondary health benefits.

A case study with a 61-year-old female yielded a significant drop in beryllium, cadmium, lead, and arsenic levels in the hair after three continuous months of detoxification using Kenrico Sap Sheet. Similarly, hair analysis on a 21-year-old male revealed the significant reduction in mercury and aluminum after three months of use. Similar studies were conducted with other volunteers, yielding similar results and confirming the effectiveness of sporopollenin in the detoxification of heavy metals.

Made in Japan, Kenrico's TRMX-3 contains 8.5 grams of total ingredients, including a full 6.0 grams of Tourmaline. Coupled with sporopollenin, this Supreme Gold Edition with Sporopollenin has been clinically demonstrated to have consistent positive health effects.

With an increasing interest in natural ingredients and traditional medicine, the general public may soon welcome sporopollenin as a component to their healthy lifestyle.

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