Blood Analysis Clinical Trials - A Review

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Alternative therapies have long been frowned upon by the medical profession; yet despite that fact it is slowly gaining recognition from the thousands of ordinary people around the world as they turn away from 'traditional' medications, and their life threatening side-effects, to look for more natural ways of curing their ailments.

At the forefront of this health revolution is Kenrico. Based in Japan, Kenrico manufacture top grade 'Sap Sheets', otherwise known as 'Detox Patches'. The patches work by drawing out harmful toxins from the sole of the foot during sleep, therefore making it at great option for today's busy lifestyles. Skeptics amongst you may argue that it is not possible to detox the body at night via the sole of the foot, the answer to that would be to study the latest scientific data from the recent trials carried out by Kenrico.

The trials were carried out over a six month period, starting with a complete body analysis of the subjects involved. The volunteers ranged from forty-four to seventy three years of age and were primarily female, although there were also male subjects used during the trials. Each of the subjects underwent thorough testing before and after the trials and the changes in the results were remarkable. The most significant of the results were the ones which showed that Kenrico Detox Patches can actually help to assist in the treatment of conditions such as diabetes, liver and heart disease, reduce the risk of long term or serious infections and promote a feeling of general well-being.

Let's look at each of the five subjects individually and assess their test results.

  1. A forty-four year old female was treated using twenty herbal patches per week for a period of six months. The subject was treated for raised cholesterol and blood sugar. The results of the trial showed that the levels dropped considerably following the treatment period, therefore reducing the risk of developing conditions associated with raised levels of either cholesterol or sugar; such as stroke or diabetes.
  2. A sixty-eight year old female was treated with the same amount and type of pad as the previous subject. This time it was prescribed to support the liver and kidney functions. The results again showed significant improvement following blood analysis, resulting in the threat of developing diabetes, gout and infection being significantly reduced.
  3. A fifty year old male was prescribed patches as per the previous subjects in order to combat Cholesterol and high levels of blood sugar. As with the first subject the results showed significant improvement of the symptoms and also removed the possibility of developing gout or infections.
  4. A seventy-three year old male was the subject of trial number four. He was again prescribed the Kenrico herbal patches, this time to combat the increasing threat of developing Hepatitis and Type-2 Diabetes. Again, the test results showed that the subject showed significant improvements in the blood analysis following the trial period than before embarking on the trial.
  5. The final trial subject was a twenty-three year old female. As with all the subjects, the treatment given was the aforementioned herbal patches. The subject was treated for impaired kidney function. Following the trial the risk of developing gout and pre-diabetic conditions and the kidney function showed significant improvement.

One of the reasons for the remarkable findings from the trial analysis can be explained by the manufacturing process of the patches. Each of Kenrico's Detox Patches contains only quality ingredients, unlike many on the market that contain substandard (and in some cases dangerous) ingredients. Their factories are genuine GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO 9001:2000 certified premises. It is also worth noting that Kenrico make the only patches to be recommended by the Japanese Society of Preventive & Alternative Medicine, thus assuring you of their quality and potency.

If you are tired of prescription medication and worry about the long term health impacts that they can have on your body, why not consider trying Kenrico's detox patches? They are completely natural and will not have any ill effects on the body. By regularly using one the Detox Patch varieties you may find that your symptoms improve considerably and could even lead to a reduction in your regular medication, which can only be good news. For others who merely find that as they get older they tire more easily, or become increasingly susceptible to viruses, it may be the body's way of telling you that it needs a thorough detox regime to rebalance itself. There is an answer, whatever the problem. That answer is Kenrico detox patches.

Kenrico patches can help in a variety of ways, why not try them. What do you have to lose? The results speak for themselves.

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