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Re(1): Drug Addiction

Posted on March 13, 2007 at 06:50:11 AM by KenricoCare
Hi Nancy,

We highly recommend our gold edition pad (TRMX-2) and green edition (KX-2) for your son. The red edition (EXA-2) can also help improve his digestive system.

QU-1 pads are known effective for liver and kidney condition. CC pads are used to prevent the reoccurence of the same condition.

We recommend the following detox program for your son.

Schedule A (2-4 pads per day)
Monday: TRMX-2 & KX-2
Tuesday: TRMX-2 & KX-2
Wednesday: KX-2
Thursday: Rest
Friday: QU-1
Saturday: QU-1
Sunday: EXA-2

Schedule B (2-4 pads per day)
Monday: TRMX-2 & KX-2
Tuesday: TRMX-2 & KX-2
Wednesday: EXA-2
Thursday: Rest
Friday: QU-1 & EXA-2
Saturday: CC
Sunday: CC

Please alternate between schedule A and B throughout the course of the month.

After the first few months of usage, he can increase the frequency of the usage (up to 8 pads per day).

All the best,
Kenrico Support

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