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Enamel, follow-up

Posted on May 29, 2016 at 11:16:27 PM by rachid
I refer to my consultation on march 12-14.
I followed your prescription, and pretty soon there was no need anymore to take the iboprofen although the hot/cold sensation was still present.
About 10 days ago I had quite a violent pain for 2 days which obliged me again to take iboprofen.
Then everything stopped: no more pain, no more hot/cold discomforting sensations.
I can chew again on the right side, for the first time since many months !
This is really amazing !
Even more so as it seems that reconstitution of enamel is mission impossible for traditional medicine.
So far I continue to use the prescribed pads and the alcaline sticks.
When shall I stop the treatment?

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