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Re(4): Follow-up question

Posted on February 24, 2022 at 12:37:55 AM by Beth Gagnier
I’ve been using the foot patches since January 17. I have noticed improvement in the pain in my gut and a little less sinus drainage which is very slimy and clear like it could be fungal. I still have a lot of burning pain and intense tingling in my nerves. I also have tremors in my arms and legs.

I am not living in a moldy apartment. I moved out of a moldy apartment in 2017. I did not bring any furniture into my new apartment. I got a bed after I moved here. I have lived in several places that were moldy in the past. The tremors started in 2010. They got much worse in 2015.

I am dealing with yeast and mold infections. The mycotoxins from the yeast and mold infections are coming from inside of me. I probably also have on the inside of me mycotoxins left over from previously moldy places I’ve lived.

My remaining questions are listed below.
You have already answered question number 4.

1. Yeast Infection
Candida albicans
Approximately how long would it take to get rid of the infection mainly in the gut?

2. Yeast Toxins
Approximately how long would it take to get rid of the toxins?

3. Mold Infection
Other molds
Approximately how long would it take to get rid of the infection in the gut and nasal sinuses?

4. Mold Toxins
tricholcethene: high level
gliotoxin: medium level
Both from Real Time Labs urinalysis test
Approximately how long would it take to get rid of the mold toxins?
(You earlier said you thought it might take 12 to 13 weeks.)

Thank you,
Beth Gagnier

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