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Foot pain, post nasal drip

Posted on August 7, 2018 at 07:27:52 AM by Niros

some background: I am 36 year old, 1.80m tall and 73kg.
The recent blood tests were normal, nothing out of the ordinary, I drink on glass of alcohol a week, I do not exercise any kind of sports, and I work in an office. lives in the middle east, and eat Mediterranean diet (lots of olive oil, fruits and vegetables).

I have had an accident few years agp, and broke my ankle (Left foot), since then I have some pain especially on the mornings and on weather change. Also, on the C.T scan there was a small cyst near the broken bone. I used the TRMX-3 pads at the time and it helped me.

Another issue I have is that my paresthesia of the limbs: If I sit in the same position for a few minutes, or even when I sleep (even if there is no pressure on the arm or leg) it occurs often (several times a week, or once a day)

Third, my sinuses are always blocked and it is hard for me to breath through my nostrils, I often breath trough the mouth.
Also, I am allergic to cats, I was exposed to a cat few weeks ago, and my sinuses got full, I got nasal drip and cough. I went to an ENT specialist which said that I have reflux as well.

Finally, I am pescaterian ( I barely eat meat, I do eat fish, very low amount of dairy products, and I consume a lot of fruits, vegetables and legumes) I am afraid that maybe I have accumulation of heavy metals from the many fish I eat. I do taek B12 and iron supplements.

Please advice!
Thank you

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