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Headach and more issues

Posted on August 17, 2022 at 12:39:12 PM by Niross

I'm 40 years old, usually healthy, eating Mediterranean diet, slim man (1.82m 73kg),
drink alcohol once or twice a week, almost don't consume milk, and other diary products except of goat/sheep yogurt. Could you please plan a treatment protocol for the following issues:

1. During the last 4 months I have headaches on mostly under the frontal bone, and sometimes on one of the temples (usually Right, but sometimes Left) I could feel it usually on the mornings when waking up and before going to sleep.. I could also feel it during shower if i point the water stream to the head.

Maybe this is related: A month ago, I had extreme pain, got treated for sinusitis, which didn't help, after couple of days I went to the ER and got diagnosed for meningitis after the CT scan was negative, but on lumber puncture were signs for infection. Eventually diagnosis was for Enteroviruses ( A week before I had stomach pain and diarrhea

2. I also have a Fungus in one of my foot nails (since two years, Fungi culture was negative several times)

3. sometimes, I have pain in my left ankle after an injury 10 years ago

3. I also have Reflux, and Allergic Rhinitis.

Please advice,
Thank you,

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