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High ALT, GPT and Over sweat and detox, allergy

Posted on August 24, 2021 at 12:11:12 AM by Shlomi Salman

I am a 40-year-old man, 1.85m and 100kg, I am usually healthy, I have Mediterranean diet, and I drink alcohol םccasionally , I do not smoke.

There are few issues concerning me:

1. I did some blood test and it came out that my liver functions are not so good and in that test the ALT and GPT was high - i need to fix that first.

2. bone pain from the knee to the heel - maybe Plantar Fasciitis

3. Nail Fungus and Seborrheic Dermatitis/Pityriasis versicolor on my back
I have Nail Fungus in my leg, I tried to take some antibiotics to remove it but it didn't help, I need some treatment that can really help.

4. heartburn
sometimes i got very strong heartburn, especially after I drink Alcohol

5. Perennial Allergy - running nose and dry cough:
I think I got an Allergy, every time when I drink alcohol (even small amount i have running nose and dry cough, but i never had fever or anything else.

6. Mental stress and sleeping problems
Lately I'm stressed to much, I find it hard to fall asleep at night, I sleep only 2-3 hours at night and than I wake up and can't get to sleep again

7. loose some weight and do Detox
I want to to start Detox program to clean toxins from my body (from fast food, fried food and etc...) and to speed up fat burn, I read that the Grapefruit SS1Li can help with that, Is it right?
what is the right protocol for detox?

8. foot pain after arthroscopy meniscus removal:
10years ago, I had a 2 tears in my meniscus of my right knee, I had an arthroscopy to remove these tears (Large bucket handle tear and another small tear in my medial meniscus).
Since then I recovered, but I still have a constant pain in both of my knees, There is pain when I am climbing on steps (both knees), The doctor said that i have Patella Tendinitis on the left knee. Also, I have feet ache after long stand and low backache after walking long time.

can you advise?
what should I do, and for how long is the treatment? what is the daily dose? and which pad is used treat each one of my conditions?


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