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Re(1): Ion Water Purifier - Counter Top Unit (Gold) Portability and pH?

Posted on August 26, 2019 at 12:55:23 AM by KenricoCare
Hi Blondini,

The Ion Water Purifier GOLD is very easy to set up as counter top unit and is absolutely portable. You absolutely do not need an electrician to set up the unit. The unit attaches to standard faucet aerators with outside threading and comes with a set of adaptors that you can use.

The unit uses micro-active ceramics from Mt. Fuji that produces moderately alkaline water with normal tap water. It also contains essential minerals from natural Japanese hot springs. The water will be very healthy and easy to drink.

Please note that the unit only works with normal tap water. If you plan to obtain alkaline water from ultra acidic water that is not from tap water, the unit will not work because it is not made for that purpose.

Kenrico Ion Water Purifier purifies and enriches water with essential minerals from natural Japanese hot springs. Made in Japan.

All the best,

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