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Re(2): Ok to put two different pads on same foot?

Posted on November 21, 2017 at 09:32:09 PM by Rebekah
Thanks for your reply. Must I apply the patches to the same reflex point on the same day (for example, do I wear a gold trmx 4 on brain stem of left foot every night? With DHE, could I alternate the foot I apply the dhe pad too? Say solar plexus on right and left foot alternated? Or should I use the same foot?

You advised :
For application of (1x) per day, you put two pads on each foot once a day, for instance, 2 TRMX 4 Original each on brain stem and lymph glands of the left foot, and 2 DHE 30th Anniversary each on solar plexus and stomach of the right foot.

How is it possible to apply two patches of dhe on solar plexus and stomach on right foot, as the reflex points are located next to each other on the foot, and this would require one patch to cover those areas. Wouldn’t only one patch be necessary?

Can I apply enhanced grapefruit and trmx 4 or 3 on the same foot, say the left? Or the right? While wearing dhe on the other foot? I was prescribed trmx 4, enhanced grapefruit, dhe, and zeo

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