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Overweight, fungi/bacteria, low white cell blood count with gum and teeth decay

Posted on July 19, 2017 at 07:37:09 AM by J.M.
Hi. I am a 42 year old female...

I recently purchased the TRMX-3 and the enhanced grapefruit for the purpose of losing weight. I have over 25lbs that I would like to loose and I bought the products before seeing this page and requesting for a protocol. Now that I can request for a protocol, here are my below symptoms:

I have a nail fungus (over 10 years on my right foot big Toe and 4th small toe and it will not go away). I also have athlete's foot on the same right food (over 20 years) and it will not go away so right foot constantly peels/burns/itches and right big toe nail is constantly chipped and falls off and grows back thick, yellow and chipped.

I also have chronic boils under my armpit (both) and chronic dandruff. I feel as though I have a bacteria/fungi problem but cannot seem to rid them out of my body.

I have chronic iron-deficiency anemia with my white blood cell count very low Dr cannot tell me why my blood count is low but I lived in Nigeria for many years as a child and had malaria fever a few times; one being a serious case of malaria. I suspect the low white blood count is due to malaria parasite still being in my body. However, being in the US now, I cannot find a protocol to address this and Drs don’t know how to test for this.

My gums bleed and a few teeth are crumbling; is there a protocol for regenerating teeth? I don’t want any more root canals.

Finally, I am overweight and would like to lose at least 30lbs.

Again, I only have the TRMX-3 and enhanced grapefruit products now, but I would like an intense protocol that I can undergo that would help to address all the above issues. I am very dedicated to any protocols that I undergo.

Can you please provide suggestions? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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