The analysis were conducted to increase the public awareness of the health risk in using counterfeit patches. Counterfeit patches or fake patches, made outside Japan, contain low grade ingredients and contaminants that can be very hazardous to your health.

The easiest method to identify counterfeit patches are:
  1. the lack of reliable third-party clinical studies. Without clinical studies, it is impossible to manufacture a safe and effective patch. The clinical studies of Kenrico products can be found at

  2. the non-existent of patents. The ingredients must be processed and manufactured utilizing patented extraction method of sporopollenin (exine and shell extraction derived from patent 7182965, 4485940, 03720506.09) that transforms ingredients into active ingredients with potent toxin binding and curing properties. Without patented manufacturing method, it is impossible to transform the ingredients into active ingredients with potent toxin binding and curing properties.

  3. the non-existent of safety measures. Although many manufacturers claim that their products have been certified by CE, FDA, TGA, none of their physical products have actually met the requirements due to the missing quality and safety measures. Under the CE requirement, all manufacturers of medical devices is required to perform a quality inspection and market surveillance. In other words, to use and to advertise the CE certification for their products, the manufacturer must perform quality inspection and provides a medium where the market surveillance can take place. Market surveillance is the medium where the consumers can openly, directly and actively consult to the manufacturer for all aspects of product use including health problems, adverse reaction, etc. All of Kenrico products are CE certified with their support board located at

Kenrico is also investigating reports of neurotoxin inducing ticks and formaldehyde-tainted ingredients found in counterfeit patches made in China. Tick poisoning is extremely dangerous because it can cause paralysis, swelling and lyme disease. Formaldehyde is a toxic cancer-causing compound.

  • "Health authorities in China are scrambling to allay public fears about a tick-borne disease that has killed more than 30 people since 2007, but admitted they do not know how many have been infected. The illness known as human granulocytic anaplasmosis (HGA) has spread to 12 provinces including Henan in central China and Shandong in the east, where the deaths have been reported. HGA is treatable if detected early. Symptoms include fever, headache and muscle aches, but the infection can reduce a patient's white blood cell and platelet count, leading to organ failure and death. Henan authorities only announced Wednesday that 557 people had been infected with HGA since May 2007, 18 of them fatally, after a state-run newspaper reported on a fresh outbreak in the city of Xinyang that began months ago. A total of 182 cases have been identified in Shandong since May 2008." (Source: AFP September 11, 2010).

  • "China vegetable growers, are spraying plants from cabbages to mushroom with formaldehyde to keep it fresh. Formaldehyde, a colorless poisonous gas, is used in embalming and to preserve laboratory specimens; but Formaldehyde is also carcinogenic and very toxic to human."(Source: Reuters March 11, 2012).

  • "Poisonous powder in baby food from China contains melamine, mercury, and aflatoxin, a carcinogen produced by fungus in cows' feed." (Source: BBC July 3, 2013)

  • "Contaminated pet food from China has caused 1000+ pet's death and 3000+ pet's illness in the USA. FDA has blocked the importation and US pet retailers have stopped carrying Chinese products." (Source: Food Safety News May 20, 2014).

June 8th 2008 - January 27 2011
Spectrochemical analysis performed by Japan Food Research Laboratories (government accredited laboratory) on counterfeit and imitation patches made in China.

Article 1: Made in China patches (10 articles)
Article 2: Made in China patches (10 articles)
Article 3: Made in China patches (50 articles)

June 08, 2008
March 10, 2009
February 2, 2011

Suzuki, M.D., Mituaki, M.D.

Patches made or originated from China should be avoided because they are not effective, low grade and contaminated. Despite the claims of other mixture of ingredients, only wood vinegar and dextrin were detected in the testing articles besides melamine contamination. Traces of melamine has been found positive in the testing articles. Formulation of wood vinegar (3-4%) and dextrin (96%-97%) are too impure and not suitable for human and animal use.

Additionally, the wood vinegar and dextrin in the testing articles did not have any traces of curing property and toxin binding property. There were high indication that the ingredients were manufactured from unclean rough grinding by skipping the essential process of active ingredients transformation.

Melamine is harmful when it makes contact to the skin. Chronic exposure can cause cancer and reproductive damage. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), when melamine is absorbed into the bloodstream, it blocks the renal cells causing kidneys to malfunction. Many of the products originated from China is contaminated with melamine. "On September 12, 2008, in light of reports from China of infant formula contaminated with melamine, the FDA warned members of Asian communities in the United States that infant formula manufactured in China, possibly available for purchase at Asian markets, could pose a risk to infants. No Chinese manufacturers of infant formula have fulfilled the requirements to sell infant formula in the United States." (Sources: FDA January 5, 2009).

Contaminated counterfeit patches from China