Over the years, we have established an excellent record in successfully promoting our research and innovation for commercial and non-comemercial use. These patents and innovations testify the significant societal impact of the major scientific advances, discoveries, inventions and innovations arising from research at Kenrico.

US Patent Number 8,317,762.
International Patent 12/267,731
Inventor: Suzuki, M.D. (Pharmacologist, Kenrico) and Nurman S (Biophysical Scientist, Kenrico)
Patent information: Sap Sheet ®, Detox Pads ® or Detox Patches ® for Toxins Cleansing
How important is this invention?
This method of treatment opens new way of treating wide range of diseases utilizing non-invasive toxins cleansing via blood and lymph vessels, blood circulation improvement, all without the need of invasive surgery. Clinical studies have shown that the patches provide effective treatment method in cleansing heavy metals from the body, increasing alpha brainwave that promote relaxation and boosting overall physical and mental condition.

An analysis of a new toxin-absorbing patch and a used toxin-absorbing patch was performed by Japan Food Research Laboratories on December 2, 2005. The analysis tested for various heavy metals in the two patches including arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury, tin, cobalt, and chromium. In the analysis only 0.01 parts per million (ppm) of cadmium was detected and none of the other metals were detected in the new patch while 0.55 ppm of lead, 0.03 ppm of cadmium, 0.09 ppm of cobalt, and 1.7 ppm of chromium were detected in the used patch. This analysis provides evidence that the patches, along with its far infared rays and negative ions, may be used for the absorption of heavy metal and other toxins from the body into the patch.

US Patent Number 6,793,945.
US Patent Number 6,413,556.
Patent information: Anti-Aging or Anti-Apoptotic Composition (LEXIRIN ®)

LEXIRIN ® has passed US FDA's Phase I human clinical trials at Alta Bates Medical Center in Berkeley.

How important is this invention?
Lexirin is a medical breakthrough in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, deleterious dermatological conditions, immunosuppression or immunodeficiency, reperfusion damage resulting from ischemia, cardiovascular disorders, transplantation, wound healing, tissue rejection and Alzheimer's disease, and the treatment of adverse reactions from medications. LEXIRIN also may significantly decrease conditions and diseases related to aging and blocked blood circulation.
Apoptosis is a normal physiologic process that leads to individual cell death. This process of programmed cell death is involved in a variety of normal and pathogenic biological events and can be induced by a number of unrelated stimuli. Changes in the biological regulation of apoptosis also occur during aging and are responsible for many of the conditions and diseases related to aging. Apoptotic cell death appears to play a significant role in the tissue damage that occurs in association with various abnormal conditions, for example, ischemia and various gastrointestinal disorders.

Ischemia is the result of deceased blood flow to a particular area or organ of the body. Ischemia is responsible for several important types of physiologic damage such as brain damage, spinal cord trauma and myocardial ischemia.

The present invention provides the anti-apoptotic compositions produced by extracting organic soybean, referred to as Lexirin. The compositions can be used to treat or prevent an adverse condition associated with apoptosis, including gastrointestinal disorders, deleterious dermatological conditions, immunosuppression or immunodeficiency, reperfusion damage resulting from ischemia, cardiovascular disorders, wound healing, transplantation, tissue rejection and Alzheimer's disease.

US Patent Number 7,182,965.
Japanese Patent Number 4485940.
European Patent Number 03720506.09
Patent information: Soluble Compositition Containing Sporopollenin and The Use Thereof

How important is this invention?
Sporopollenin is a medical breakthrough in toxins & heavy metals detoxification, skin wrinkles treatment, microbial disease treatment and pain, stress and depression relief. For pharmaceutical industry, using the ability to bind toxins and heavy metals, sporopollenin can be used as a detoxifying agent in detox patches, anti-germ facial masks, chelation capsules, etc. Sporopollenin also enhances the immune system by stimulating macrophage and increasing TNF-alpha secretion. Furthermore, sporopollenin and/or modified sporopollenin are candidates for anti-cancer drugs against soft tissue cancer. For cosmetic industry, sporopollenin has a proven anti-wrinkle activity, combined with a natural UV-protection.
Sporopollenin is a major component of the tough outer (exine) walls of spores and pollen grains. The ingredient is a very significant discovery for its reputed analgesic (to relieve pain) and antidepressants effects to relieve stress and depression. The patent covers the use of sporopollenin in all applications as an antimicrobial pharmaceutical composition for treating a microbial disease and heavy metals poisoning, a cosmetic composition for treating age-related or sunlight-induced wrinkle formation, a nutritional supplement for vertebrates and a supplemented beverage. Sporopollenin is able to bind various substances such as heavy metals, toxins and pesticides like a sponge.

Japanese Patent 3348957.
Inventor: Kenrico LTD.
Patent information: Detoxification patch, Super Detox Edition (ZEO ®), Containing Zeolite composition for Toxins Absorption

The ZEO pad is the world's first detox pad that contains naturally processed Zeolite (patent 36508), Diatomaceous earth, Tourmaline, Aloe Vera, Ginger and Arnica.
The key ingredients in the super detox edition pads are naturally processed Zeolite (patent 36508), Diatomaceous earth, Tourmaline, Aloe Vera, Ginger and Arnica. Known effective for these symptoms: Fatigue, headache, double vision, blood pressure, arthritis, skin problems, stress, slow learnings, mood swings and feeling old. ZEO can also be used for anti-aging and internal & external wound treatment because of its reduced oxidation (cells rejuvenation), antibacterial & antifungal properties.

Recommended for those who suffer from heavy metals poisoning, aging skin, aging body and internal/external injuries.

The clinical study for the ZEO to investigate the capability of its heavy metals detoxification is now complete. The result of the study was published on March, 2009.

Japanese Patent Number 36508.
Inventor: Dr. Sato, Kenrico LTD.
Patent information: Processed Zeolite for Filtration and Toxins Absorption

How important is this invention?
Processed Zeolite opens the door to the higher and better level of heavy metals detoxification and anti-aging treatment.
The manufacture method of the reduced material which reduce oxidative substance on oxidative material such as toxin, heavy metals, contaminated water, old cooking oils. The characteristics of the manufacture method are as follows: Put natural zeolite into the rotary kiln for the calcination process for approximately 40 minutes at the material temperature of 800 degree celsius. Then, create the powder form by grinding it to the size of approximately 5 microns, after which the powder undergoes the calcination for approximately 48 hours at the temperature of 845-880 degree celsius using the electric furnace in order to create the powder consisting of the reducing substance of minus 150 millivolt. Put oyster shells into the rotary kiln for the calcination process for approximately 60 minutes at the material temperature of 950-980 degree celsius, in order to create the powder of approximately 5 microns. Turn this powder into the powder consisting of the reduced substances of minus 220 millivolt. After mixing the powder consisting of the reduced substances from natural zeolite and the powder consisting of the reduced substances from the above shells at the stipulated proportion, the mixture undergoes the calcination process for approximately 72 hours at the temperature of 780 degree celsius using the electric furnace.

This invented reduced material is manufactured in the method as already mentioned above. Without using traditional materials such as vitamin C, organic substances etc., it ensures that oxidative material, which are difficult to be reduced, get reduced. The reduced material (Zeo) is made of natural zeolite and shells, and is therefore the only processed Zeolite that is safe and harmless. At the same time, it can be mass produced inexpensively. Furthermore, by using the material that underwent the calcinations process as described earlier, the oxidized oil, water, food etc. can easily be reduced without having to use electricity or other types of energy. It can be applied broadly in various fields. The powder, which is the reducing material, can easily reduce oxidized substances by making contact with them. Furthermore, natural zeolite and oyster shells, which are inexpensive, can easily be turned into the powder of the size of 5 microns simply by having them go through the calcinations process with the rotary kiln. Also, the reduced material can easily be formed by having the separately-formed various types of powder mixed and undergo the calcinations process using the electric furnace.

Anti-aging treatment (Oxidation Reduction) utilizing naturaly processed Zeolite (Japanese patent 36508)
Experiment method: 300g of the canola oil is used to demonstrate the reduction capability of processed Zeolite and its capability as anti-aging treatment. 500ml of canola oil is prepared in a triangle flask and placed in the water bath at the temperature of 80 degree Celsius. Air is blown into the prepared oil at the rate of 2ml/second. The oil is taken every hour for PV measurement. Similar testing method is applied to the same oil by adding 3% processed Zeolite.

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