3D NEUROIMAGING WITH EEG AND BLOOD ANALYSIS: A LARGE-SCALE SINGLE BLIND CLINICAL STUDY TO EXPLORE THE EFFECT OF KENRICO SAP SHEET IN CHANGING THE SORGY-EINSTEIN INDEX AND THE REMOVAL RATE OF HEAVY METALS IN HUMAN BODY Confidential Property of Kenrico LTD All rights Reserved Page 1 of 210 1. Protocol number TR-MED964 2. Investigational products 1. Kenrico Sap Sheet / Vitalplaster ® TRMX 4 Original 2. Placebo Sap Sheet 3. Investigator HIKARI RESEARCH INSTITUTE http://www.jphri.jp Hamamatsu, Shizuoka (Site A) Shimada, Shizuoka (Site B) Japan 4. Sponsor KENRICO LTD http://www.kenrico.com Shimada, Shizuoka Japan 5. Date and report number July 17, 2018 Version 1.0 6. Confidentiality This report is the property of the sponsor and may not be disclosed in whole or in part, for publication or other purposes, without prior written consent from the sponsor. 7. Background of Clinical Study The aim of this research is to compare the effect of Kenrico Sap Sheet on brainwave balancing and alpha brainwaves changes before and after using EEG. EEG signals were captured from participants and analyzed before and after treatment.