3D NEUROIMAGING WITH EEG AND BLOOD ANALYSIS: A LARGE-SCALE SINGLE BLIND CLINICAL STUDY TO EXPLORE THE EFFECT OF KENRICO SAP SHEET IN CHANGING THE SORGY-EINSTEIN INDEX AND THE REMOVAL RATE OF HEAVY METALS IN HUMAN BODY Confidential Property of Kenrico LTD All rights Reserved Page 2 of 210 BRAINWAVES SYNCHRONIZATION : The right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for activities involving perceiving, thinking, understanding, remembering and emoting whereas the left hemisphere is important in regulating activities involving language, speech, arithmetic and analysis. Researchers have shown that a balance alpha brainwave activity between left and right hemisphere of the brain lead to a balanced lifestyle that results in improved productivity and improved quality of life. It contributes to increased intelligence level and being able to live a happy and healthy life. The brain of Albert Einstein, a theoritical physicist that developed general theory of relativity, has a balance and well connected left and right hemispheres that may have contributed to his brilliance. The study is conducted by Florida State University. Dr Paul Sorgi, a renowned psychiatrist from Harvard Medical School, wrote in his book "The 7 Systems of Balance: A Natural Prescription that balance brain will lead to balance lifestyles that ultimately produces a sense of well-being, happiness, relax, healthy, satisfied and able to interact well with others". Productivity, intelligence, and quality of life are referred to as Sorgi-Einstein index or SE index throughout this research. ALPHA BRAINWAVES : Alpha brainwaves are conducive to creative problem solving, accelerated learning, mood elevation and stress reduction. Intuitive insights, creative juices, inspiration, motivation, and daydreams characterize Alpha waves. These waves are relaxed yet alert. Therefore, they provide a bridge between our conscious and unconscious and/or super conscious minds. Clinical study conducted in 2003 has shown that Kenrico Sap Sheet significantly increases alpha brainwave. The result of increased alpha brainwave has been confirmed by millions of users. In addition, significant increase in the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) on children and adolescence has also been reported. 8. Clinical Study Procedure A single blind clinical study was conducted in two site centers with Kenrico Sap Sheet ®. The safety of the study was carefully analyzed with risk matrix from ISO 14971 prior to clinical study and deemed acceptable to progress. Kenrico Sap Sheet / Vitalplaster ® TRMX 4 Original were formulated with active ingredient of sporolife, hydrogen antioxidant, and other active ingredients extracted and formulated from organic wood vinegar, organic bamboo vinegar, organic mushroom chitosan, organic loquat leaf, organic houttuynia cordata, vitamin C (organic source), tourmaline, vegetable fiber and dextrin (organic source).