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We continue to raise awareness of the importance of healthy living through advanced natural treatments. These commercial advertising, boradcasted through TV networks, enables us to provide the best and the most effective Japanese made products to our clients for years to come.

Testimonial of Mega Pads

Heartwarming Story Of A Mother And Daughter

Make A Difference with Kenrico.



Mega Gold Edition SDX1 17000 mg

With You,
Every Step of The Way

The story of father and son.

Mega Gold Edition SDX1 17000 mg


The biggest and the best pad in the universe.



TRMX 5 50th Anniversary contains Sporolife and Diamonite.

Feeling Good Has Never Been Easier - TRMX LIFE PLUS

Supreme Gold Edition

Put the pain to rest with the fastest self-medicating pad.

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What people say about Kenrico SAP Sheet.


Kenrico SAP Sheet

Sporolife Activated Prescribing Sheet. A gift of nature that removes toxins, heavy metals, and toxic chemicals.

30 Years of Changing Lives - TRMX 4 Original

Kenrico SAP Sheet

The cure for chronic illness. TRMX 4 Original contains SPOROLIFE and is 10.32 times more effective than TRMX-3 30th Anniversary.

30 Years of Changing Lives

Kenrico SAP Sheet

Changing people's lives for healthier, happier and more fulfilled. TRMX-3 30th Anniversary is with you every step of the way.

Diamond Hybrid Edition DHE

Diamond Hybrid Edition

Burn fat pockets and cellulite, shrinks dimpling skin, tightens skin with no diet, no pills, no exercising and no plastic surgery.

Nurture precious young ones for good healthy habits

Kenrico SAP Sheet

Nurture precious young ones by fostering good healthy habits. Safeguard and protect them from toxins and diseases.

Medical treatment developed by Kenrico

Kenrico SAP Sheet

Medical treatment invented by Suzuki, M.D (Pharmacologist, Kenrico) and Nurman S (Biophysical Scientist, Kenrico)

Carbon Titanium Adhesives

Carbon Titanium

Hypoallergenic, bioelectrical treatment utilizing the fusion of carbon and titanium.

Soothing Edition AQUA COOL TUV


Proven treatment with cooling effects that is effective to cure fever, heat stroke and all problems in the digestive and excretory system.

Hot Pink Edition WRX-2i

WRX-2i ®

Clinical study proves that WRX-2i can cure diabetes, liver and kidney diseases.

Understanding medical science to improve quality of life

Kenrico SAP Sheet

Understanding the medical science is essential to help treat and improve the quality-of-life for the patients.

Kenrico a true worldwide community

Kenrico ®

See how Kenrico grown into a true worldwide community with distributor network ranging from Europe to as far away as America.

Ion Showerhead LE

Ion Shower Head LE

Limited edition of medicinal shower head with natural quartz, aqua aura, citrine crystals and hot springs minerals.

Ion Water Purifier

Ion Water Purifier

THE MOST ADVANCED water purification system from Japan.