Distributors & Resellers Information

Kenrico Authorized Distributors or Resellers from all over the world have achieved great success in supplying their market. If you believe that you have the strength to conquer your market, you can contact us for further information.

There are five reasons for you to become a Kenrico Distributor.

    I. Join a famous and respected brand
    Join a ready brand through brand name licensing or build your extensive brand through licensing of Kenrico patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Kenrico is a respected global brand that is well-known in the medical industry for over 30 years. See Kenrico press release.

    SDX 1 17000 mg
    The Mega Pads
    Trusted daily by 1 billion people
    TRMX 5 50th Anniv 8500 mg
    Sporolife and Diamonite
    The daily choice in 50+ countries
    TRMX LIFE PLUS 9000 mg
    Cure hand pains
    An essential part of 150 million lives

    II. Be a market leader with co-branding and private branding opportunities
    Develop your own brand through extensive product development that includes your own exclusive design and formula developed together with medical doctors at Kenrico.

    III. Full access to extensive research information that includes clinical studies
    Consumers demand a proven product that is safe and effective. Kenrico has surpassed this requirement through extensive research and sponsored clinical studies.

    IV. Receive support from highly knowledgeable medical team
    All Kenrico products are supported by a medical team at KenricoCare.

    V. Asset protection against liability risks
    Knowing that your investment is profitable and guaranteed safe, is priceless. See Kenrico extensive experience and success in helping their distributors. Kenrico products are protected by patents and trademarks. In addition, the legal team at Kenrico provide support for all their distributors. Should you encounter any problems, consult with Kenrico. The legal team at Kenrico will assist you.

* Kenrico may ask you to provide proof of your credentials such as copy of company registration and may ask you to pay for a retainer before disclosing confidential information to you such as information of price list and other important documents.

The following 16 countries (in alphabetical order) are under exclusive agreements (for Kenrico SAP Sheet, Diamond Hybrid Edition DHE, Carbon Titanium):

  • Australia (2004 - current)
  • Austria (2011 - current)
  • Croatia (2016 - current)
  • Germany (2006 - current)
  • Indonesia (2021 - current)
  • Israel (2010 - current)
  • Italy (2015 - current)
  • Japan (1985 - current)
  • Netherlands (2022 - current)
  • San Marino (2016 - current)
  • Singapore (2021 - current)
  • Slovenia (2016 - current)
  • Switzerland (2016 - current)
  • Vatican City (2016 - current)

* The list of countries under exclusive agreements, as stated above, is the most updated as of 27 May 2024, and takes precedence over any other information or exclusive agreements.