What is Holomedic?

Holomedic is a new technology discovered by Kenrico for use in medical field by combining special layers of ceramic, hologram, and FIR conductor to enhance the treatment.

Transparent Ceramic Layer TCL I

Transparent Ceramic Layer I

Advances in the medical implementations of ceramic technology have resulted in the development of a special TCL (Transparent Ceramic Layer). TCL, made of structured ceramics, generates FIR and beneficial ions for use in medical treatment.

COA (Certificate of Authenticity)

Built in hologram

Labelling serves to communicate safety and performance related information to patients. The built in hologram is a COA (Certificate of Authenticity) from original manufacturer that guarantees product's safety and efficacy.

FIR Conductor

FIR Conductor

FIR (Far Infrared) Conductor transports energy from TCL I to TCL II.

Transparent Ceramic Layer TCL II

Transparent Ceramic Layer TCL II

The energy, emitted by TCL I and transported by FIR conductor, enables TCL II to produce three times the amount of FIR and beneficial ions.

Kenrico Sap Sheet

Reduces heavy metals, pain and stress
Improves productivity & intelligence

TRMX 4 ORIGINAL is the most potent treatment in the century with 300% more analgesic, anti-inflammation and anti-stress properties. Clinically proven treatment with SPOROLIFE, hydrogen antioxidant, and holomedic. Doctors recommended.

Sporolife, activated hydrogen antioxidant, tourmaline, organic mushroom chitosan, activated vinegar, activated loquat leaf, activated dokudami, vitamin C, vegetable fiber, and dextrin. Latex-free, gluten-free, germs-free, preservative-free.

Japanese Ministry of Health, US FDA, European CE, Australian TGA, Health Canada, Ministry of Health ME (Israel & Arab Countries). GMP & organic certified.

Patent registered #8317762 (Sap Sheet), #7182965, #4485940, #03720506.09 (Sporolife). Trademark registered #3816742, #3817127, Serial #87339362.