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Your success is our success.

     Are you considering being a reseller for Kenrico? If so, there are a few things you need to know! We not only sell the award winning Sap Sheets, but also the incredible ION shower head and magical Arigato lotion. All of which are available for you to sell to your customers worldwide.

     Looking for a way to make money utilising the Internet? Or do you want a unique product to offer for sale in a retail outlet? Whichever you choose we are there to help every step of the way. We not only supply our products to you but we offer unlimited support and advice so you will never feel alone in your new business. From the moment you place your first order we will help you secure success and growth for your venture.

     Many of you are asking us the question 'are you an MLM company?' Let us put your mind at ease, Kenrico is 'NOT' an MLM (multi level marketing) company, and by purchasing from Kenrico means our distributors purchase products DIRECT from the manufacturer with the lowest possible pricing.

     Are you sceptical about the effectiveness of our Sap Sheets? Don't be! They are proven to work and many people worldwide will testify to this. Once your customers try them they will be back to you over and over again. We can even show you laboratory evidence that the Sap Sheets do indeed draw out toxins and heavy metals, proving they really do work.

     If that's still not enough to convince you, what if we also tell you that all our products can be supplied with your own message and brand logo making them truly yours? Noone will know that we are your suppliers so you will never be cut out of the loop by others trying to undercut you! Our Sap Sheets are award winners and are ONLY available through us.

     For more information or to place your first order Contact us now. We are one big family, join us now and you won't look back.

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