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Re(1): 4x vs. 5x

Posted on June 8, 2024 at 07:37:30 PM by KenricoCare
Hi Cheryl,

The TRMX 4 Original 8500 mg (the 4x) has been upgraded to the TRMX 5 50th Anniversary 8500 mg with Diamonite (the 5x). As a result, the TRMX 4 is no longer being produced by Kenrico. However, you may still find it in stores because Kenrico made one final production due to delays with the TRMX 5. This means that the TRMX 4 will be permanently out of stock very soon.

Regarding the use of a near-infrared lamp, Kenrico pads are not designed for use with this combination, as it falls outside their intended use. Using additional unapproved devices may reduce the effectiveness of the product or cause serious problems such as skin burns, electrical shocks, or even fire hazard.

Currently, the only product that can be safely used in combination with Kenrico pads is the Carbon Titanium CT. This product features a fusion of carbon and titanium and is completely hypoallergenic, making it ideal for people with sensitive skin.

If you enjoy the additional warmth sensation of the energy, we recommend the Diamond Hybrid Edition DHE 30th Anniversary 23000 mg. This treatment provides a pleasant sensation while helping the body stay fit.

If you have more question, please do not hesitate to let us know.

SUPREME GOLD EDITION TRMX 5 50th Anniversary 8500 mg
SUPREME GOLD EDITION TRMX 5 50th Anniversary 8500 mg
TRMX 5 50th Anniversary utilizes Sporolife and new Diamonite. Provides the strongest analgesic, anti-inflammation, and anti-stress properties. Aid in detoxing heavy metals, in boosting intelligence, and in restoring vitality. Clinical study proven. Doctor's recommended.

Boost FIR and Ions 5400 times with Japanese proven medical technology in diffuse energy reflection. Made in Japan.

DHE 30th Anniversary breaks down unwanted fat pockets, removes water retention, shrink the fibrous bands that contribute to dimpling of the skin, and tightens the overlying skin by stimulating collagen formation with no diet, no pills, no exercising and no plastic surgery. Made in Japan.

Carbon Titanium CT combines the bioelectricity property of carbon and hypoallergenic property of pure titanium to enhance cure. Made in Japan.

All the best,

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