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Big toenail now changing color?

Posted on September 4, 2023 at 11:06:52 AM by Somer
I’ve been doing a Kenrico footpad detox prescription using several types of pads during the last few months. In addition, my wife and I have also been enjoying our Kenrico Ion gold water purifier and LE3 shower head for about the same time.

For the last several years, the entire big toenail on my left foot had a brownish cast and also significant ridges running down the nail. A nurse said previously that it’s likely a toenail fungus.

Now after using my Kenrico footpad protocol and drinking Ion purified water, the newer toenail growth at the nail bed is looking much healthier and the ridging is greatly reduced. About half the nail looks normal now with the top half being obviously darker.

So could using the Ion water and Kenrico footpad treatments have inadvertently cleared up this chronic toenail fungus or whatever it was?

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