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Re(1): Cold dry constitution

Posted on October 8, 2019 at 07:58:05 PM by KenricoCare
Hi Jean,

The Supreme Gold Edition TRMX 4 Original pulls out heavy metals, excess uric acid, and excess oxalic acid from the body at ten times the effectiveness of TRMX-3 30th Anniversary because it contains patented formulation of SPOROLIFE and Hydrogen Antioxidant.

Excess uric acid and oxalic acid appear hardened (cold and dry) with white spots or appear as white clumps on the pads after use. This indicates that the treatment is working. When the kidney function deteriorates due to aging or unhealthy lifestyle, uric acid and oxalic acid can build up in the blood. Removing excess uric acid and oxalic acid is very beneficial for improving health because they can cause solid crystals to form within the joints, resulting in pain, inflammation, and limited mobility.

TRMX 4 ORIGINAL contains 10 times (1000%) more analgesic, anti-inflammation, and anti-stress properties than its predecessor. TRMX 4 Original contains organic formulation with Sporolife (US PAT 7182965, EU PAT 03720506, JP PAT 4485940) that has been medically proven highly effective in eliminating heavy metals, boosting vitality and positive mental state. Made in Japan.

All the best,

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