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Re(3): Requesting a specific Protocol to follow

Posted on April 28, 2021 at 10:57:09 PM by KenricoCare
Hi Emmalou,

We recommend looking at the application instruction to ensure that you use our product correctly: https://www.kenrico.com/sapsheet/howtouse.html.

Our adhesive sheets are made from superb flexible material that allows movement during application as the material conforms to the contours of the surface of the feet. To take full advantage of this feature, when you place the adhesive sheet with the pad onto your feet, please apply it gently without overstretching the adhesive sheet. If the adhesive sheet is being overstretched, it will lose flexibility and constrict movement. For example, it is best to wear normal sized socks rather than undersized ones because smaller socks constrict movement due to its material being overstretched.

All the best,

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