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Re(1): Thank you for your healing and blessings

Posted on December 5, 2022 at 01:04:50 AM by KenricoCare
Hi there,

Thank you for sharing your positive experience with Kenrico products. The complete protocol containing Sporolife that was prescribed for you, is absolutely the best treatment for curing lymphedema. The same protocol with Sporolife has analgesic, anti-inflammation, and anti-stress properties that is very effective for curing many other illnesses such as poisoning, weight problems, and stress.

Please stop immediately from using any products that do not state Kenrico explicitly in the product information or packaging. Sporolife is an essential ingredient that prevents toxins to backflow into the lymphatic system and prevents clogging of the lymphatic tubes. Sporolife works like a vacuum cleaner that pulls toxins from the lymphatic system. A large scale clinical study has proven that Sporolife is essential in the product: Neuroimaging and Blood Analysis.

If you experience any pain in the fingers, hands, or arms, or are lacking mobility in these areas, the Supreme Gold Edition TRMX LIFE 9000 mg is for you. To use the cure, please apply it directly onto the palm of your hands. You will feel a soothing sensation that immediately relaxes your nerves from its Sporolife.

MondayTRMX LIFE PLUS 9000 mg
TuesdayTRMX LIFE PLUS 9000 mg
WednesdayTRMX LIFE PLUS 9000 mg
ThursdayTRMX LIFE PLUS 9000 mg
FridayTRMX LIFE PLUS 9000 mg
SaturdayTRMX LIFE PLUS 9000 mg
SundayTRMX LIFE PLUS 9000 mg

Daily dosage is two (2) pads per day everyday.

Placement area for the TRMX LIFE PLUS 9000 mg:
Place directly onto the palm of the hands.

Anti-pain and anti-inflammation for your arms, hands, wrists and fingers. Relieve discomfort fast. Proven effective by clinical study. Recommended by Harvard's doctor. Made in Japan.

All the best,

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