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Where to place pads?

Posted on November 7, 2017 at 01:27:21 AM by Rosey
Hi, I am wondering if you would tell me where exactly to place the trmx 4 supreme gold pads, the trmx 3 anniversary edition, zeo pad for general detox, specifically to improve energy and the SI (cognitive function and brain health). Also, for the raspberry pad, where to apply that? To clarify we place the pads on the corresponding acupressure point on the foot?

Also, do we place the DHE directly on the problem area? Or is it better to put in the foot area that reflects a particular body part

Can we apply two different types of sap sheets on one foot at the same time? Say zero and supreme gold trmx 3? Thanks.

Hi, I want to lose 7 to ten pounds but I am not overweight, I weigh 129 and am 5’7”, and used to weigh around 120-123 and felt healthy. I’m wondering if grapefruit pads will help boost weight loss to meet my goal. If so how long to use them and where to place the sap sheets on my feet, particularly if weight loss in face and stomach is desired. Thank you

Thanks so much for your help! I love your product line :)

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