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Re(1): Which is more effective, normal cloth or foil?

Posted on June 5, 2024 at 02:23:51 AM by KenricoCare
Hi Sony,

Kenrico pads are made from high-quality, soft Japanese non-woven material (in exclusive Japanese tatami shapes) or a fusion of this specialized non-woven and high-grade Japanese foil. No cloth or paper material can be used in the product because they reduce effectiveness. Additionally, all Kenrico products are 100% free from latex, gluten, germs, and preservatives.

In terms of effectiveness, if both Kenrico pads are of identical size and contain the same amount of natural Sporolife, the pads with foil backing are twice as effective as those with non-woven backing. This increased effectiveness is due to the foil's ability to reflect healing energy. Further enhancement of the foil backing with 5400 domes in Diamonite boosts the healing power up to 5400 times.

These advanced Japanese medical technologies are exclusively available with Kenrico, and their products can be purchased directly from Kenrico's Distributors worldwide.

A revolutionary cure designed to envelop the entire foot, providing the unmatched powerful relief. It harnesses the natural power of Sporolife, delivering unparalleled analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-stress properties.

SUPREME GOLD EDITION TRMX 5 50th Anniversary 8500 mg
SUPREME GOLD EDITION TRMX 5 50th Anniversary 8500 mg
TRMX 5 50th Anniversary utilizes Sporolife and new Diamonite. Provides the strongest analgesic, anti-inflammation, and anti-stress properties. Aid in detoxing heavy metals, in boosting intelligence, and in restoring vitality. Clinical study proven. Doctor's recommended.

All the best,

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