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Chest pain and seizure like

Posted on May 18, 2024 at 03:54:23 PM by Annagrace
Hi Kenrico medical team.

I have seen many benefits in the past with using these products. Thank you

My current health crisis.

I am 51 year old female (going through menopause)

For the last two months I have chest pain from time to time, have been to the ER three times. All my blood word came out perfect together with tge heart c ray. They let me go home with no medication. I have anxiety issues and chronic stress syndrome. I am taking Salvtonic for my heart twice a day. Less chest pain but still feel pain from time to time.

But in the last one month I have been experiencing like tremors or vibrational while I sleep. It is getting worse each day. I went to my doctor they gave me Ativan but I’m always sleeping and it’s not helping with my sleep seizures. I am waking up everyday with seizures and it only happens when I sleep. Or take a rest. I wake up with severe headache and can literally feel my brain nerves jerking and brain part.

I have seen my Gp he said maybe too much stress and neurological disorder. I am currently waiting to see a neurologists in two months since tge medical system in Canada thinks it’s not important.

CN u please prescribe for brain and to relax the brain and my nervous system as I have been through chronic stress in the past. To help heal from tremors and chest pain while I am waiting to see a cardiologists or neurologists. Please help thank you.

Yours Sincerely,


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