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Re(1): Order and differences between TRMX and SDX

Posted on May 24, 2024 at 04:56:57 PM by KenricoCare
Hi Steven,

According to Kenrico's medical analysis, the Mega Gold Edition SDX 1 17000 mg provides about three times the effectiveness of the Supreme Gold Edition TRMX 5 50th Anniversary 8500 mg, despite the latter being infused with Diamonite. Its larger size is especially beneficial in reaching almost all the reflex points on the feet. Additionally, with twice the dosage, it can cure most conditions in a shorter time. The Diamonite in the TRMX 5 50th Anniversary 8500 mg does make a difference by providing an extra warmth sensation that helps put the body and mind to sleep, as its 5400 diamond domes can better reflect far infrared rays and beneficial ions.

We strongly recommend including both editions in the protocol. Most prescriptions include both editions to take advantage of their unique special capabilities: one provides a faster cure, while the other offers a cure at a normal pace with added comfort and relaxation. Please note that all editions contain a government-mandated natural Sporolife with analgesic (anti-pain), anti-inflammation, and anti-stress properties.

A revolutionary cure designed to envelop the entire foot, providing the unmatched powerful relief. It harnesses the natural power of Sporolife, delivering unparalleled analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-stress properties.

SUPREME GOLD EDITION TRMX 5 50th Anniversary 8500 mg
SUPREME GOLD EDITION TRMX 5 50th Anniversary 8500 mg
TRMX 5 50th Anniversary utilizes Sporolife and new Diamonite. Provides the strongest analgesic, anti-inflammation, and anti-stress properties. Aid in detoxing heavy metals, in boosting intelligence, and in restoring vitality. Clinical study proven. Doctor's recommended.

All the best,

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