Safety Alert
18 November 2019

Kenrico has received reports that counterfeit foot pads with China origin have been contaminated with salmonella and coliform bacteria. Unsuspected buyers in Amazon and Ebay have reported poisoning symptoms such as severe diarrhea, nausea, migraine, blurred vision, and muscles pain. If you have experienced any of these symptoms, please discard the use and seek physician's attention immediately.

Be careful of the false claims of FDA or CE certified. These certifications are self registered and do not require any inspection by the US FDA or European authorities. Furthermore, they do not contain Sporolife and are made without regard to product safety.

Positive Salmonella Contamination
Positive Coliform Bacteria Contamination

Contaminated foot pads from CHINA
Discard the use and dispose them if your foot pads are identical
to any of the items listed in the above photos.

If you are unsure your foot pads are matching the above photos, please refrain from using any product that does not use Kenrico as its label or does not state Kenrico as its manufacturer. You can also contact Kenrico directly should you have any questions.