Safety Alert

1 July 2024: Fiften different brands identified as toxic

Kenrico took the lead in consumer protection by analyzing fiften different "detox pads" obtained through Internet commerce sites. An analysis of fifteen different brands, produced in China and sold in Internet commerce, revealed that they did not contain Sporolife. Instead, carcinogens such as acetaldehyde and benzene, along with dermatitis-inducing agents like acetone and toluene, were detected in all samples. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classifies acetaldehyde and benzene as carcinogens (cancer-causing substances). Other toxic compounds commonly found in cigarette products were also present.

CPR: Consumer Protection Report

Using toxins to fight other toxins, based on traditional chelating methods, might offer short-term improvement but poses serious long-term risks, including high chance of cancer and organ damage, which can shorten lifespan. The notion of "detoxification pads" marketed by fifteen different brands should be more accurately described as "retoxification pads," as they introduce harmful toxins into the body rather than removing them. Regulatory health agencies strictly regulate these chemicals, and selling such dangerous products can result in criminal charges.

What you should do:

If you have purchased any of these brands, or products that are clearly not manufactured by Kenrico, it is crucial to dispose of it safely to avoid serious health risks. Seal the product in a plastic bag to prevent exposure, and follow your local guidelines for disposing of hazardous materials. Do not attempt to use or repurpose the product.

1 October 2020: Using other brands is associated with weight gain, bloating, skin rash, and depression

Kenrico has received reports about abrupt weight gain, bloating, feelings of depression, itching, and various other health issues from users who used foot pads without Sporolife (last updated on May 26, 2024):

The negative effects have been documented in two large-scale clinical studies, Neuroimaging and CT Scan: Medical data shows that skin patches infused with SPOROLIFE pull the toxins from the lymphatic system and away from the body. However, applying skin patches without SPOROLIFE can lead to a backflow of toxins into the lymphatic system. This backflow clog the lymphatic tubes, causing lymphatic obstruction (lymphedema). Lymphatic obstruction refers to a blockage in the vessels responsible for draining fluids in the body. When these vessels are obstructed, the body may exhibit sudden weight gain accompanied by symptoms such as bloating, water retention, skin rash, poisoning, and depression.

What you should do:

Before use, carefully inspect the packaging label. If you encounter any products that are clearly not manufactured by Kenrico, dispose of it immediately. For any inquiries, please contact Kenrico directly.

3 March 2020: Early warning and COVID-19

Kenrico's safety alert in 18 November 2019 was timely and accurate to warn consumers against germ infected goods from China. Research suggests that COVID-19 coronavirus can survive 28 days on contaminated surfaces.

18 November 2019: Germ contamination

Kenrico has received reports that counterfeit foot pads with China origin have been contaminated with salmonella and coliform bacteria. Unsuspected buyers in Amazon and Ebay have reported poisoning symptoms such as severe diarrhea, nausea, migraine, blurred vision, and muscles pain. If you have experienced any of these symptoms, please discard the use and seek physician's attention immediately.

Be careful of the false claims of FDA or CE certified. These certifications are self registered and do not require any inspection by the US FDA or European authorities. Furthermore, they do not contain Sporolife and are made without regard to product safety.

Positive Salmonella Contamination
Positive Coliform Bacteria Contamination

Affected goods: All brands of foot pads without Sporolife including ones pictured below

Contaminated foot pads
Discard the use and dispose them if your foot pads are identical
to any of the items listed in the above photos.

What you should do:

Discard and dispose immediately any foot pads / detox patch / detox pad that does not contain Sporolife, does not use Kenrico as its label, or does not state Kenrico as its manufacturer. Contact Kenrico directly for any questions.